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Residing in Manchester for over ten years, I have become a key figure in Manchesters' digital art & DIY performance community. My experience has been shaped by holding roles such as technician, curator, artist, and producer for projects such as Distorted Constellations, Test Card & DRIFT.

My ability to adapt to multiple roles has enabled me the time and opportunity to realize my ideas and pursue my passion for immersive technology and live performance, which grew out of my love for cinema.

Through founding and curating Test Card - an event platform that nurtures local artists combining emerging technology and performance. I have been able to develop a deep understanding of how artists are utilizing the latest software and hardware to realize their ideas. To date, the project has hosted international artists such as Robert Henke, The Light Surgeons, and Emmanuel Biard, as well as over 150 local artists.

As a technician and production manager, I have experience of touring interactive works such as Distorted Constellations - an immersive Afrofuturist sensory environment inspired by artist Nwando Ebizie’s mythic interpretation of the rare neurological disorder Visual Snow, commissioned by Home and shown at Push (Manchester), Brighton Festival London Borough of Culture. Other touring projects include Make a Scene - an LGBT interactive, immersive, live cinema night and MINA - an immersive theater project that explores the controversial issue of conversion therapy and gay exorcisms.

As an artist, my practice has developed via my involvement in the Manchester underground electronic music scene. Working with parties such as Meat Free & Drunk At Vogue, allowed me the freedom to experiment and develop ideas within lighting and real-time visual design. These roots then allowed me to build relationships with UK festivals such as Audio Farm, Freerotation & Shambala, where I managed a range of complex video mapping projects and

supervised the build/ mapping of a 360 dome.

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