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DRIFT / Great Northern Warehouse

Formed in collaboration with Emmy Lahouel , DRIFT  launched in June 2018. Held in the Great Northern Warehouse, we organized, installed and operated our own production and bar for the evening. Originally joined by the founder of VAM - Izzy Bolt, the first event brought together Visual Artists and Musicians from around the city. The first event was split into two parts - Part one - AV performance (Warehouse), Part two - Afterparty (The White Hotel) - curated by Izzy Bolt. 


Lineup (Part One ) - Push Music 3 // Shunya // Sean Clarke x Daniel Late // Karl Conrad D'Silva Charli Sumner-Bedford // Meraki Collective // Jade Mannion x Elle Bulger // Corina Bibere // Brandon M. Bizzle 


Afterparty (Part Two) -  Ayrtan // Traffic MCR ~~~ Phoebe Valentine Rowe // B L O O M //Ossia~~~ Everett // Pagoda // Limbo Radio ~~~ Lack // Cong Burn // Limbo Radio ~~~ BOLT // VAM // Limbo Radio ~~~ Daniel Ruane B2B Low Power State // Traffic MCR // Infinite Machine~~~


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