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DRIFT > 3 / The Lowry


In 2019 we host the 3rd edition of DRIFT. The project built on existing ties with The Lowry, allowing us to commission a further four performances - supported by ACE funding. 


"Parallel Voices" by Simon Blackmore

Simon Blackmore makes performative sculptures and installations using sound and custom-made technology. His works have been exhibited and performed at galleries and museums including Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, and at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. He is also a founding member of the art group Owl Project.

Simon’s work explores writing code and text through music, for this new commission, he will be working with a group of vocalists and transforming their rhythmic utterances into text.

K - T​ hou who art made so rank and beastly, who art thou?

This live audiovisual project combines the text of visionary thinker Marshall McLuhan’s ​The Medium Is The Massage ​(1967) with imagery and ideas from folklorist Robert Kirk’s ​The Secret Commonwealth ​(1815). Created using motion capture, interpretations of Kirk’s folkloric creatures perform ritualized movements as McLuhan’s prophetic quotes on media as ‘an extension of the human’ fill the screen.

Mixed live, the visuals are augmented by recordings of electromagnetic fields, statics, and a driving synth score. The work looks to digital ‘extensions’, rituals and ideas of an‘occulated Other’

ẹrọ ti alẹ (machine of the night)- working title By Ruby-Ann Patterson

Ruby-Ann is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the connections and possibilities brought about when creating performances that combine live sound performance, visual poetry, critical theory, and theatre.

Her work across disciplines resist the strict binaries and dominant ideals of traditional narrative forms. She prefers to find new ways to make her art meet the ever-changing needs of a technologically driven world.

For this new commission, Ruby-Ann will be working on a new interdisciplinary performance combining themes of identity and afro-futurism through sound, poetry, and digital art forms



Visual Design by Sean Clarke

DRIFT Showcase 

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